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Publications>Euro-mediterranean publications

Euro-Mediterranean activities' publications


Intercultural learning

Report of "Intercultural learning and human rights education in the Mediterranean area", a training course for youth workers active in Euro-Med youth projects to further integrate human rights education and intercultural learning in their work
Euro-Latin American Youth Centre, Mollina, Spain, 19-29 May 2003
Presents the structural and pedagogical context of the course, including the conclusions and outcomes generated by participants.

Download the report - Go to the "Intercultural dialogue"'s page



Report of the long-term training course for youth workers involved in Euro-Med youth projects "Youth Participation and Intercultural Learning through Euro-Med Youth Projects"
February 2004 – June 2005
Provides an overview of the course that aimed at developing the capacity of youth workers to plan, manage and evaluate sustainable youth projects, presents  the local youth pilot projects initiated during the course addressing citizenship, environmental protection, women's and human rights. The report is structured along the phases of the long-term training course: Introduction and Project Development Seminar (February 2004, European Youth Centre Budapest), Project Implementation Phase, Evaluation Seminar (June 2005, Amman, Jordan).

Download the course documentation - Go to the "Quality development and support to Euro-Mediterranean youth work"'s page



Mosaic - The training kit for Euro-Mediterranean youth work
In line with the T-Kit series developed within the EU-CoE youth partnership, Mosaic is intended to provide theoretical and practical tools for youth workers and trainers to work with and use when training people. It aims to be a tool that supplies youth workers, trainers and project leaders interested in Euro-Mediterranean youth co-operation with starting points, essential information and methodological proposals enabling them to understand, address and question common issues present in the reality of Euro-Mediterranean youth projects. A special feature of Mosaic as a T-kit is the fact that it does not focus on one topic, but complements all the other T-kits by reflecting and exploring the specificities of the Euro-Mediterranean region and the specific objectives and issues of the Euro-Med Youth Programme, based on thematic areas reflecting the specific fields of co-operation being developed through youth projects.

Order the publication - Download the publication



Seminar report “Citizenship matters: the participation of young women and minorities in Euro-Med youth projects”, by Ingrid Ramberg
Alexandria, Egypt, 19–29 April 2004
The report written by Ingrid Ramberg, gives an overview of the seminar proceedings, featuring the inputs by the speakers, workshop discussions, and conclusions by the participants.

Order the publication - Download the report (English) - Download the report (Arabic)



Seminar report “Youth Policy – Here and now”
Alexandria, Egypt, 11-14 September 2005
This publication summarizes the outputs of various seminar sessions that provided opportunity for the young people, governmental employees, researchers and NGO representatives from the European and Mediterranean countries to meet and learn from each other, exchange experiences and identify challenges for youth policies.

Download the report (English) - Download the report (Arabic)



Report of the International Round-table "Youth policy and research development in the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation framework"
Cairo, Hyatt hotel, 30 May 2006
Co-organised by the League of Arab States, the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth, the round-table was attended by a series of national and international organisations active in the Mediterranean region who had an opportunity to share experiences and challenges met in the process of developing and implementing youth policy plans and projects. The round-table identified common strands and future interests in youth policy cooperation.

Download the report - Go to the "Youth policy cooperation"'s page



Long-term training course "Training Active Trainers in Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work" (TATEM)
November 2004 - November 2006
TATEM was organised in close cooperation with the Salto Euro-Med Resource Centre, targeting trainers and multipliers active in Euro-Mediterranean activities, aiming at developing a pool of competent professionals with specific experience and competences related to Euro-Mediterranean youth work. The course was documented by Andreas Karsten in three reports: Initial training seminar (EYCB, Hungary, November 2004), Consolidation and development seminar (Injep, Marly-le-Roi, France, September 2005), Evaluation and follow-up seminar (Essaouira, Morocco, November 2006).  

Download the documentation - Go to the "Quality development and support to Euro-Mediterranean youth work"'s page



Report of the ‘Maghreb-Europe’ training course for trainers in human rights education in Arabic
Fès, Morocco, 13 - 22 May 2007
The publication prepared by the trainers team gives a detailed overview of the course, which was run in co-operation with the Centre de documentation d’information et de formation en droits de l’homme (Morocco) and l’Association initiatives pour la protection des droits des femmes (Morocco).

Go to the "Human rights education"'page



Survey on the evaluation and follow-up of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Policy Co-operation activities, organised in the framework of the partnership between the European Commission n and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth
Based on the evaluation  of the activities organised in the field Euro-Mediterranean Youth Policy Co-operation from 2005 to 2007, the study was prepared - by Ayman Abdul Majeed and Dua’a Qurie - in view of assessing better their added value to shape the future strategies and priorities of the partnership and the other stakeholders in the process of Euro-Mediterranean youth cooperation.

Download the executive report - Go to the "Youth policy cooperation"'s page



Report of the II International round-table "Youth Policy Cooperation in the Broader Euro-Mediterranean Context"
European Youth Centre Budapest, 22-23 April 2009
The round-table was held in view of identifying and discussing the priority youth issues in the broader Euro-Mediterranean region and the youth policy responses to them, and exploring the possibilities of coordination between the different institutions and governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. The report prepared by Asuman Göksel provides information about different youth policy initiatives, aimed at responding to the challenge of growing up and achieving autonomy as a young person in the Euro-Mediterranean space.

Download the report - Go to the "Youth policy cooperation"'s page



Euro-Mediterranean Training Course for Human Rights Education with Young People
Beirut Arab University, Lebanon, 21-29 June 2009
The report written by Sally Salem is based on the proceedings of the course that was aimed at developing the competences  of Arabic-speaking trainers and multipliers in working with human rights education at national and regional level, and supporting the development of human rights education in their countries and organisations.  

Download the documentation - Go to the "Human rights education"'page





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