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Call for participants: Training Course on Democratic Leadership and Management of Youth Organisations

By The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth


Teaser :
The Council of Europe has since long considered the role of young people and their organisations in the building of Europe and securing its core values as a crucial one. Providing opportunities for young people most actively involved in international youth organisations and in international youth work to develop their leadership and communication skills became one of the main missions of the youth sector of the Council of Europe. Following the brilliant course held in 2008, the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Council of Europe is organising a second round to be held from 6 to 14 April 2010 in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. How to develop democratic leadership and management structures to be the driving force behind the strengthening of the capacity and sustainability of youth organisations?

News :

The creation of the European Youth Centre and European Youth Foundation in Strasbourg, in 1972, responded to the needs to promote independent and viable international youth organisations. The policy and programme of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council is based on four working priorities defined by its governmental and non-governmental partners in Agenda 2020 :

- Human rights and democracy: youth policy and youth work promoting the core valuesof the Council of Europe

- Living together in diverse societies: youth policy and youth work promotingintercultural dialogue

- Social inclusion of young people

- Policy approaches and instruments benefiting young people and children.

Objectives of the course:

-To develop a common understanding of the concepts related to democratic leadership,such as: democracy, participation and leadership, civil society, human rights andcitizenship

- To raise participants’ awareness and provide space to reflect upon the value of youthorganisations/structures - their role and impact as democratic leaders within society-

-To develop the participants’ ability to relate the work of their organisations with youthpolicy

- To develop participants’ understanding and knowledge of various forms of youthparticipation through youth organisations

- To introduce the main European institutions and organisations engaging in youth policydevelopment and implementation

- To define and further develop leadership and civic competences as well as relevantmanagement skills (conflict management, advocacy, motivation, shared leadership,decision making, empowerment, strategic planning, resource management)

- To support participants in analyzing and further developing their organisation internalprocesses and mechanisms

- To raise awareness of the importance of intercultural learning within youthorganisations and develop participants’ competences to work in interculturalenvironments

- To promote co-operation between youth organisations in Europe

For more information click here.

Deadline for applications 11 February 2010.  You can apply here


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