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Available good practice : 29

 Submission date   Title   Country / Location   Area 
15.06.2012 Human right MALAWI / univesirty of malawi, chancellor college, zomba Human rights
02.03.2011 Stop Political Violence Now-Zambia ZAMBIA / St.Paul MN,US & Zambia Human rights
01.10.2010 Programme "Voluntary Services for all generations" GERMANY / nationwide Voluntary activities
17.11.2010 Kafeneio - Cafe Bio GREECE / Athens Sustainable development
13.12.2010 Improving Intercultural Training for AFS Exchange Program Participants GERMANY / Germany Mobility
15.12.2010 Xplore programme NETHERLANDS / The Netherlands Mobility
13.12.2010 European Pathways: a study curriculum in the frame of the bachelor in Social Work GERMANY / Koblenz Mobility
07.12.2010 TELEMOUSE 3.0 – KNOWLEDGE VOLUNTEERS AWARD - Invest in knowledge, become a volunteer 3.0! ITALY / Rome Voluntary activities/Intergenerational Dialogue
07.03.2008 Dialogue in youth policy FINLAND / National Citizenship, participation and information
10.06.2010 Alt hilft Jung im Jugendbüro Neu-Isenburg (The experienced helping the young / apprenticeship) Germany / Neu-Isenburg Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
14.10.2010 Action Plan for the implementation of National Youth Policy of FYROM MACEDONIA (THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF) / THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Youth policy strategies
20.08.2009 Youth Personal Development Programme United-Kingdom / East Midlands Citizenship, participation and information
01.11.2009 Intergenerational web portal «J’t’explique!» France / France Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
20.01.2010 Young People for a Life Without Tobacco : Action for Prevention Greece / Regions of Attiki, Axaia, Evros, Ioannina, Irakleio, Larisa and Τhessaloniki Health and well-being
01.11.2009 Grandparents & Grandchildren: Grundtvig learning partnerships Italy / Italy, Germany, Sweden, France Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
01.11.2009 Stoke Mentoring Projects United-Kingdom / England – West Midlands Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
01.11.2009 Meeting of Generations – Project for the Development of Computer Training Germany / Finland, Poland, Italy, Northern Ireland and Germany Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
09.09.2009 Video of Generations Germany / nationwide Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
09.09.2009 Senior Citizens Active for young people Germany / Rosenheim/Bavaria Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
01.11.2009 Student/ Senior citizens housemating FRANCE / France Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
01.11.2009 Housing for help GERMANY / Germany: e.g. Frankfurt, Jena, Freiburg, Cologne, Marburg etc. Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
07.03.2008 National Council for the Promotion of Voluntary Activities (CNPV) Portugal / National Voluntary Activities
08.09.2009 Voluntary Service for all Generations Germany / Nationwide Social cohesion and Equal opportunities
01.11.2009 Memory Line: intergenerational course of learning and communication Italy / Europe (Finland, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy) Diversity / Intercultural dialogue
27.04.2010 Europe Hop Hop France / 27 Member states Diversity / Intercultural dialogue
07.03.2008 Policy and Participation in all-day schooling GERMANY / Berlin/essen Citizenship, participation and information
04.03.2008 Come in contract GERMANY / Berlin Citizenship, participation and information
17.02.2010 Young Ideas for Europe GERMANY / The countries of the project partners: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. Citizenship, participation and information
11.03.2008 Volunteering offices at universities SPAIN / National Voluntary Activities


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