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Training/Youth work, Youth policy, Youth research


First name: Kateryna

Last name: Shalayeva

Nationality: Ukrainian


  • Ukrainian - mother tongue
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Russian

Country: France

E-mail: kateryna_shalayeva@yahoo.com

A few words about myself: Dr. Kateryna Shalayeva holds MSc and PhD in Sociology from Ukraine and LLM, joint European Masters, in International Business and European Law from Spain, Netherlands and France. Her background is in women’s movement and academic feminism. Her early scholarly interests included youth life styles determined by gender, globalized cultures in stratified communities, and applied feminist qualitative research. She studied how identities are created, specifically ethnic and national, and researched on identities in conflicts. She looked for solutions against multiple discriminations.
Dr. Kateryna Shalayeva is equally experienced in policy research in democratic governance and citizens’ participation, programme evaluation, and comparative analysis of legislation. Her special expertise is in the impact of law enforcement on social structures and social behavior. The expert can be consulted on the issues of European anti-discrimination regulations and European and international human rights protection architectures.
Her current research interests include: Democracy, Human Rights, European Citizenship and European Neighbourhoods; Youth Employability and the Spirit of Entrepreneurship; Youth Health Policies and Youth Health Behaviour; Quality, Assessment, Impact and Evaluation in the Youth Field.

pdf_icon My Curriculum Vitae


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