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The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP) Correspondents

Picture EKCYPcorrespondents 002

The EKCYP is supported by a European wide network of European Knowledge Centre correspondents nominated by the member states ministries. The correspondents draft country sheets on national  youth policies and answer questionnaires on the topics of Participation, Information, Voluntary Activities and a Better Understanding of Youth. The results can be found in the section country information of the EKCYP.The answers to the questionnaires are either quantitative (e.g. the numbers of young people who belong to youth organisations, the number of people who vote in elections and the number of young people) or qualitative (e.g. measures to foster voluntary activities, actions that have been taken this year on the different topics and methods for increasing citizenship).

Country Name Institution
Andorra Pau Rosillo Buscà Cap d’Àrea de Joventut Ministeri d’Habitatge, Joventut, Ensenyament Superior i Recerca


Davit Hayrapetyan

Youth events holding center SNCO

Austria Manfred Zentner Institut fuer Jugendkulturforschung und Kulturvermittlung
Azerbaijan Farhad Hajiyev Ministry of Youth and Sport
(Flemish Community)
Tineke Van de Walle Department of Social Welfare Studies - Ghent University
(French Community)


Michel Vandekeere

Anne Swalüe

Ministère de la Communauté française - Observatoire de l'Enfance, de la Jeunesse et de l'Aide à la Jeunesse
Bosnia and Herzegovina Jasmin Jasarevic Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Petyo Kanev Ministry of Education, Youth and Science
Croatia Marko Kovačić University of Ljubljana

Anna Loizou

Youth Board of Cyprus
Czech Republic Hana Marikova NIDM - National Institute of Children and Youth
Estonia Marti Taru Institute of International and Social Studies at Tallinn University
Finland Sami Myllyniemi Finnish Youth Research Society
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (The) Aleksandar Kirkovski YCS YMCA 
France Solange Fourcoux Mission coopération européenne et internationale jeunesse vie associative
Georgia Vakhtang Asanidze
Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs
Germany Susanne Klinzing

IJAB - Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V. 

Greece Briseida Doku Ministry of National Education
Hungary Edit Veres National Institute for Family and Social Policy
Iceland Sabína Steinunn Halldórsdóttir  
Ireland Maurice Devlin Centre for Applied Social Studies - National University of Ireland
Italy Stefania Rota Department of Youth
Latvia Gints Klasons  
Liechtenstein Rainer Gstöhl Amt fuer Soziale Dienste

Aurelija Kazlauskiene

Department of Youth Affairs under Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Luxembourg Marianne Milmeister University of Luxembourg
Malta Jason Zammit
Aġenzija Żgħażagħ
Moldova Marianna Buruiana Ministry of Education and Youth
Montenegro Bojana Bulatović Ministry of Education and Sports, Youth Department
Netherlands (The) Pink Hilverdink Netherlands Youth Institute
Norway Lihong Huang NOVA - Norwegian Social Research

Ewa Krzaklewska

Ministry of National education, Youth and Non-Governmental Organizations Department
Portugal Carlos Pereira http://www.ipdj.pt/
Romania Sorin Mitulescu Institute for Educational Sciences
Russia Olga Perfilieva SU-HSE OECD Partnership Centre
San Marino Loretta Felici  
Serbia Jana Vlajkovic
Ministry for Youth and Sport Sector for Youth
Slovak Republik Jana Mihalikova Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic
Slovenia Barbara Zupan Ministry of Education and Sport - Office of Youth

Bruno Del Mazo De Unamuno

Instituto de la Juventud de España (INJUVE)
Sweden Sofie Kindahl Swedish National board for Youth Affair
Switzerland Jean-Marie Bouverat Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO)
Turkey Tulin Sener Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences Department of Psychological Services in Education
Ukraine Anna Pikhota Institute for Development for Youth and Family
United Kingdom Simon Smith Department for Education

Meeting of EKCYP Correspondents


Youth events calendar


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Call for Tender – Co-ordination of the Council of Europe programme of international reviews of national youth policies in 2014-2016

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Call for Papers: Youth in Europe – a Lost Generation?

Learning out of the Box – a new card game on learning

European programme at the 15th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress (DJHT), June 3—5, 2014, Berlin